What the Rules in the BLACKJACK Gameplay

Blackjack card games existed long before the first world war began. Traces of historical records say that the Blackjack game was originally introduced in the 16th century in Spain. Then spread rapidly throughout Europe, which we know has a gambling Poker Online culture that is very thick until now.

Until finally in 1854, this game also entered the mainland of America by a Frenchman. This is where the beginning of the game Blackjack can be popular throughout the world.

= * Definition of a Blackjack Card * =
First time the Blackjack game was introduced in America, apparently using the name Vingt Et Un. Vingt Et Un is a French language which has a meaning of 21, which name is taken from how to play this game.

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However, there are complaints from players who have run this game, they consider this game has a small prize and gives a low chance of winning to the players.
So, a new rule is made if the player is able to get the first 2 cards consisting of Ace and Jack with the Spades symbol (Spades), then later the player is entitled to get a 10X prize from bets placed.
From here the name of the game changed, taken from the Jack card bearing the Spades which turned out to be black, so the term Blackjack emerged.

= * Blackjack Game Rules * =
To be able to play Blackjack, the first thing you need to know is the rules Idn Poker. Of course, to be able to play a game, you must know the rules first and in the Blackjack game there are also rules.

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These rules of play include:
1. Players must get the first turn in the distribution of cards.
2. Bankers are required to get the last turn in card distribution.
3. The highest score for this game is 21.
4. Players are declared to win, if they can get a higher value from the banker.
5. The player is declared lost, if the total value of the card owned is lower than the banker.
6. If the banker and the player get the total value of the card exceeds 21, then declared defeat.
7. Ace has 2 values ​​to choose from, namely 1 and 11.
8. Picture cards like King, Jack and Queen have a value of 10.
9. For cards starting from 2-10, follow the value according to the number listed.
10. If in the first 2 cards the player has the same number of cards, it is permissible to split or break the cards into 2 parts.

Here are 10 basic rules in the Blackjack game that you should know before playing.


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